Carbon Crusaders

Green Dating by ddelcourt
October 16, 2007, 8:18 pm
Filed under: Uncategorized,,, …these are just a few of the sites dedicated to finding an environmentally conscious partner. Traditional dating sites like,,, and others all have the option to search for eco-friendly singles. [I didn’t link to any of these sites, but I think you all know how to access them if you’re interested!!] If you are thinking that online dating is used by just a minority of people, think again. According to an article from MSN, 40 million Americans use online dating services, which represents approximately 40% of the country’s single population. Busy schedules, longer work weeks and increased internet usage have all added to the online dating phenomenon.

So why is online dating of interest to sustainability? Well, it’s no secret that we adopt our partners habits, good and bad. Eco-dating serves the dual purpose of finding the “special someone” who in turn bolsters your environmental convictions and actions. In my humble opinion it’s exciting to see these types of sites popping up, and I wish them the best.

Even celebrities are throwing their hats in the mix. We all know Leonardo DiCaprio is interested in the environment, but Rosario Dawson went a step farther, apparently revealing she is only interested in dating someone who is eco-conscious. (I am an avid environmentalist and must say that this is excellent news…I finally have an in!). Hopefully this is the coming trend and next Academy Awards not only Susan Sarandon is stepping out of a hybrid onto the red carpet.


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