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It’s a (Press) Wrap: Thanks! by ddelcourt
July 11, 2007, 2:06 am
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MakeMeSustainable officially launched a week ago yesterday. It was 3:30am when Matt Marshall at VentureBeat released our first coverage story, which was followed by an exchange of high fives and iced coffee cheers. Matt set the tone for what would be an eventful week of positive reviews, characterized by support for the mission, design praise, and excitement (and good suggestions) for upcoming functionality releases. I must thank Josh Dilworth at Porter Novelli for all his great work, and also each reporter who took the time and energy to cover our project (see links below). MakeMeSustainable is more then a business for me and my co-founders Ben and Adam, it’s service fueled by the belief that we can in fact make a real difference for the environment, our wallets and our community.

I don’t want to single out any one article here, but I’d like to list a few of great quotes from a some of the coverage. I will provide the links to all of the articles (that I’m aware of!!) below. Please read through a few of them, and if you like them feel free to Digg, post, delicious, or whatever you would like to do. Oh, and these are in no particular order.

Jeremy Jacquot from Treehugger wrote: “Overall I came away very impressed with the website (especially since it’s still in beta) and the creators’ overarching mission: providing a simple-to-use yet extremely powerful toolset to allow individuals or organizations to go one step further and actually take control of their environmental impact.” Thanks, here’s the link!

Terrence Russell from Wired’s Epicenter Blog: “From my experience, I can say that the site excels in its ability to provide users with a set of tools to quantify their environmental impact.” Exactly, and you can quantify your $$ savings from that environmental reductions! Link is here.

Matt Marshall from VentureBeat: “Amid growing concerns about the environment, several other sites have emerged lately to let you measure and then offset your carbon usage — such as Terrapass and Begreen — but no other site we’re aware of can track your carbon usage daily.” Check out VentureBeat’s article.

Kristen Nicole’s Mashable article “MakeMeSustainable Launches Great Community for Living Green” says: “This is a dynamic service, so as you change your behavior, your footprint will reflect the actions you’re taking to improve the environment (…) MakeMeSustainable will also show you how much money you’re saving per year, and all of this information is displayed in graphical representations as well.” Link here.

Elsa Wenzel from CNet’s Webware blog: “Despite those wishes, MakeMeSustainable’s efforts are an impressive start, especially for a tiny startup that is only beginning to secure outside funding. I plan to keep using it. ” See that article here.

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg for GreenOptions: “One word really sums it up: empowerment. The team at MMS want to empower users with the tools and knowledge that will help them actively reduce their carbon emissions, and connect with others who want to do the same.” Link here

Robin Raskin from Yahoo!Tech: “A Green Site where Actions Speak Louder then Words”

Brian Heater for PCMag’s Appscout blog: “MakeMeSustainable: Reducing your Carbon Emissions Socially”

Jesse Noyes at the Boston Herald: “Web site helps you find energy-use profile”

Ok, I’ll stop. There are others I’m sure and I apologize for leaving them out. On the whole we have been very pleased with the press coverage and have gotten excellent feedback through each article. One entrepreneurial lesson learned, is that it is always worth 30 minutes of your time to chat with reporter. They ask the right questions and get you thinking about issues you never knew existed. So, thank you to everyone who covered us, blogged about MakeMeSustainable, Dugg us, commented, or signed up.


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