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MakeMeSustainable Officially Launched by makemesustainable
July 2, 2007, 8:18 pm
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Hello all,

We are proud to announce that after close to three years of idea grinding and burning the midnight oil (metaphorically and sustainably speaking), Beta opened its doors today. The site was designed to be a vehicle for connecting concern for the environment with behavior. About empowering people to affect change in their lives and communities.

We look forward to seeing you online and we welcome as much feedback as possible (we’re a beta). So please feel free to contact us through the MMS feedback loop on the website. We can also be reached at Now get out there and move, act, and help build this community for change.

Ben, David, and Adam


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Great job guys, keep up the good work! Love the website and more importantly I totally dig what you are aiming to accomplish!

Comment by Brock

will this be available for canadians anytime soon?

Comment by Lon

Hi Brock, thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s too important of an issue to sit back and just speak to it…action was needed.

Comment by makemesustainable

We are working on making the site available in Canada. The only issue is that it requires some significant data collection, which we have started but not completed. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released!

Comment by makemesustainable

Hey, congrats guys. Will sign up and will be following the development of the project with interest.

Comment by Raphie Frank

Great looking site and even better concept!

Our two communities would work well together.


Comment by CSamarin

Seems to be cool !

When will it be avalaible in Europe ?

Comment by JB

This is a great idea. I like the management tools and other features of this site. I hope that it takes off and becomes the MySpace for the environmentally conscious. Good Luck!

Comment by Paul

The car question did not include the circumstance where you use a car but it is not your car!

Comment by a

I am almost embarassed to ask…what is Beta and how does it effect participation in the website? Thanks.

Comment by Cheryl Chambers

Hey – what a great idea, nice work guys. It’s asked above but do you have plan to expand to cover Europe, I’m in the UK – we need a kick up the backside to get going…I’m ready to do it, help, whatever…*watching this space*. Good luck!

Comment by Bob Langdon

Hi everyone. Unfortunately the site is currently only available to U.S. residents due to data restrictions. However, we are working to expand into Europe and Canada in the near future. The Beta phase of the website (Beta is just a way of telling people we are working out the kinks and constantly improving the site) is allowing us to fix some of the smaller glitches and clarify questions. So, hopefully when we do roll out internationally, the site will be near perfect!

David, Ben and Adam

Comment by makemesustainable

[…] July 2, the beta version of Make Me Sustainable launched after three years of preparation by its creators, […]

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Awesome site. Lets hope it works. One potential bug might be if I, for example, buy a car 3 months after signing up. My footprint increases, but I am not sure if there is any way for me to specify that. I might have overlooked this, but I dont think I did. If I did overlook it, then it is something that might have to be a little bit more visible.


Comment by Arvind

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