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Fie you bottled water by ddelcourt
June 13, 2007, 1:36 am
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In the gym, on the subway, at the restaurant, in the home…Just a few of the million spots we see our health crazed, consumer-driven generation toting around our other appendage: bottled water. In 2005 we Americans consumed over 8.2 billion gallons of bottled water, accounting for sales of nearly $11 billion, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Worst of all, that represents a disastrous amount of energy, essentially wasted in the production, transportation and disposal of plastic bottles. “It would be like filling up a quarter of every bottle with oil,” says Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute.

But, bottled water is healthier for us, right? Not necessarily. According to an MSNBC report, 25% of bottled water is simply re-processed municipal water. In addition, the federal standards for municipal level drinking water are more stringent than those for its bottled counterpart.

A standing ovation to likes of Alice Waters and her ban of bottled water at the tables of much renowned Chez Panisse, her Berkeley, CA restaurant. Back east Joseph Bastianich and Mario Batali’s Del Posto in New York is also chasing away the bottle frenzy: kudos.

So, the moral of the story is, let’s move out of the dark ages and into the sustainable age. We should be carrying around reusable containers for our water needs. Start saving $2 every time you would have chugged a Poland Spring and simultaneously avoid another quarter-bottle of oil from being burned to make that bottle. The same goes for water’s cousin, coffee, but we will save that topic for another day.


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Kudos as well to NYC, they are going to launch a new campaign touting the purity and health benefits of tap water, all of which comes from northern westchester

Comment by Pratik

Listening to an NPR report a little while ago and just wanted to share a couple of additional bits of information regarding the bottled water industry in the US:

The US spent 15bln dollars on bottled water in 2006 (thats more than was spent on iPods or going to the movies). In fact, American consume more bottled water than milk, alcohol and coffee (according to this report).

One billion bottles of bottled water are consumed per week in the US, and MORE THAN 70% of those bottles are NEVER recycled … thats around 38 billion plastic bottles straight to landfills every year. Thats just a slap in the face. If your insist on buying your own tap water purified and then bottled by Coke and Pepsi (Dasani and Aquafina resp.) then please, at the very least, recycle the bottle!

Comment by mml

I heard about NY this morning on NPR. Thanks God this is being brought up! I hate to see all the waste generated by bottled water. It just makes no sense to me. My husband works for the Water Department as an Engineer in our town and has told me about all the regulations on water quality. Just another thing to educate the population about.

Comment by Katie Dean

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